September 2011 archive

Sep 26

ORA-29902 and 28578 with ST_GEOMETRY

I was working on a sticky problem of which I had a hard time resolving so I figured I would write up my issue and my solution. Recently, we were running a ST_INTERSECTION query on a spatial dataset using ESRI SDE’s ST_GEOMETRY. In Oracle, the ST_INTERSECTION query hit the following error stack: ORA-29902: error …

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Sep 09

Standby Audit Dest Full

I recently ran into an issue where my Standby audit destination (adump) became full. The disk was not full. Rather, there were too many files in the directory. I did “ls -l | wc -l” and it came back with more than 1 million files in the directory. And it took a very long time …

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Sep 08

ORA-1031 EXEC IMMED Rebuild Index

I recently ran into a problem that did not make any sense until I delved into a a bit further. I had a stored procedure which did an online index rebuild: CREATE PROCEDURE scott.rebuild_idx_proc AS BEGIN EXEC IMMED ‘ALTER INDEX scott.emp_pk REBUILD ONLINE’; END; / Simple enough. A stored proc owned by SCOTT to rebuild …

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Sep 06


I have begun a major upgrade of our primary production Oracle database from to We have 5 test environments and 12 development environments. This is small compared to many shops, but is big enough to make installing Oracle on each and every environment a big of a pain. I tried to use …

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