November 2011 archive

Nov 22

HUD in a Contact

As a contact lens wearer, I like this idea: It would be really cool to get a Heads Up Display right in my eyeball!

Nov 22

Background Processes

I swear that as I get further and further along in my Oracle career, I have a harder and harder time keeping up with Oracle’s background processes. I’d like to chalk this up to getting older, but after digging into it, I’m pretty sure its just Oracle’s explosion of background processes in 11g that is …

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Nov 14

Earth View from Space

Ok…so this has nothing to do with databases, but it is really cool. I’ve spent many years working with satellite data and have seen lots of different views of the Earth from space. But this video is the coolest one I’ve ever seen.

Nov 11

Installing RAC for a Database with Datafiles

Not that long ago, I needed to upgrade Oracle Clusterware and RDBMS from to I have tons of experience with the Oracle RDBMS software, but I suspect that I am like most DBA’s in that my Clusterware experience is not at the same level as my RDBMS experience. So while I had no …

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