March 2012 archive

Mar 29

OEL6 and Oracle 11g

I’ve never quite understood why Oracle released their own OS, Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 and then waited over a year for their flagship product, Oracle RDBMS 11g, to be certified on that OS platform. But the wait is over. You can now safely run Oracle 11g on Oracle Linux 6. But wait…no so fast…While you …

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Mar 09


Recently, I was trying fix the creation a dev database from a snapshot of our production database. To do that, we mount up the snapshot datafiles, create a new controlfile, and apply recovery and then open with resetlogs. This is pretty standard fare for us however, this time, the person performing the database refresh noted …

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Mar 05

LISTAGG Function

I had a requirement to rows of values in a comma-delimited list. I was thinking I would have to use some sort of arcane SQL functions or resort to PL/SQL when I came across a new function in Oracle 11.2 which fits the bill, namely LISTAGG. Here is some sample data that I was able …

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