May 2012 archive

May 22

Windows Agents for EM 12c

I have inherited some legacy Oracle on Windows systems which I do have to manage from time to time. I was excited about Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control until I found out that I had to wait for the Windows Agent to be released. My wait is over and I can now use 12c Cloud …

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May 15

ISS-Earth Flyover at Night

This video is really cool of the International Space Station flying over the Earth at night. This has nothing to do with databases, but it is still worth a look.

May 14

Recovery Requirements Before Backups

All too often, I see people asking questions about backup strategies they should employ for their databases. It never seems to fail, every question of this sort that I have come across in a variety of forums never once includes their recovery requirements. I have often stumped for considering your recovery requirements before designing your …

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