Jul 12

July Reading

Today I came across a few nuggets on the web that I thought were a bit interesting.

Jonathan Lewis talks about proactive tuning on his blog. Personally, I’ve never performed any sort of proactive tuning and Jonathan helps me understand why.

Splitters and Lumpers. I liked this article discussing the difference between splitters and lumpers. I’ve never heard those terms before but I see these people all the time. If I had to put myself into one category, I would label myself as a lumper. See how I lumped myself into that category? Ooh the irony! What category would you be in?

I’ve been in this business for quite a long time. I remember when there was no such thing as a Windows server.  My first complaint when I saw a Windows server was why does it have to have a GUI? Its a server! Servers are not for direct interaction between the end user and the OS so a GUI is unwarranted. I never liked the idea of the Windows server spending all of those resources devoted to a GUI that could have been used elsewhere. Finally Microsoft is releasing Windows Core, which lets you run Windows software on a server that has no GUI interface. I say that this is about time. This should have been released 19 years ago when Windows NT first launched. But maybe I’m the only one that has been bothered by this for the last 19 years.