October 2012 archive

Oct 24

Agent Crashes

I have a problem that occurred recently where my Grid Control 11g agents keep crashing on a daily basis. To find out why the agent is crashing, I went to the database server and looked in $AGENT_HOME/hostname/sysman/log in the emagent.log file. At the time of the agent crash, I found this error in the log …

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Oct 18

Security Patch Monkey Business

A few days ago, Oracle released their quarterly patches for currently supported Oracle versions. Now in the past, the DBA had the option of installing the Cumulative Patch Update (CPU) or the Patch Set Update (PSU). Basically, the CPU contains just security patches and the PSU contains security patches and other bug fixes. Beginning in …

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Oct 12

ORA-1017 in Grid Control for Standby

I have a two-node RAC cluster for my standby databases. I recently moved instances from one node to a new replacement node. In one of my standby databases, Grid Control was reporting a configuration error for an instance I moved to the new node. I went to Targets->All Targets and found the instance in error. …

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Oct 11

ORA-12541: TNS:no listener in DGMGRL

I recently needed to replace some physical hardware on my 2-node RAC standby cluster. Both nodes were being replaced by new servers. I went through the process of adding one of the new servers as a third node in the cluster and then I was going to drop one of the old nodes. Adding the …

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Oct 01

Email Alerts in EM12c

Email alerting has changed a bit in Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control. After you have defined your email address in EM12c and your notification schedule (this is similar to the way it was done in EM 11g), you have a few more steps to do. The out-of-the-box rules do not apply to Warning alerts, only …

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