Mar 21


I got an alert from Enterprise Manager that my C: drive on one of my database servers was running short on space. The disk device is 20GB is size and had less than 1GB free. I removed old log files, but this still did not free up enough space. In looking around, I saw that my 11gR2 ORACLE_HOME directory was over 7GB in size. More investigation revealed that the %ORACLE_HOME%\.patch_storage directory was consuming over half of that! You can’t just go and delete this folder as it will stop your ability to apply future patches.

I discovered Metalink Note 550522.1 which gave me a nice feature of OPatch to clean up some of this space.  You can see this feature below:

C:\>%ORACLE_HOME%\OPatch\opatch util cleanup

Invoking OPatch

Oracle Interim Patch Installer version

Copyright (c) 2009, Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.

UTIL session

Oracle Home       : c:\oracle\product\

Central Inventory : C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory

from           : n/a

OPatch version    :

OUI version       :

OUI location      : c:\oracle\product\\oui

Log file location : c:\oracle\product\\cfgtoollogs\opatch\opatch2013-03-


Patch history file: c:\oracle\product\\cfgtoollogs\opatch\opatch_history


Invoking utility “cleanup”

OPatch will clean up ‘,make.txt’ files and ‘rac,scratch,backup’ direct


You will be still able to rollback patches after this cleanup.

Do you want to proceed? [y|n]


User Responded with: Y

Size of directory “c:\oracle\product\\.patch_storage” before cleanup is

3921310486 bytes.

Size of directory “c:\oracle\product\\.patch_storage” after cleanup is 2

233118071 bytes.

UtilSession: Backup area for restore has been cleaned up. For a complete list of


deleted, Please refer log file.

OPatch succeeded.

Running this cleaned up about 1.4GB of space.