December 2013 archive

Dec 31


When working on a standby database recently, I went to DG Broker to check the status and received this: DGMGRL> show configuration   Configuration – resp_ress_config   Protection Mode: MaxPerformance Databases: resp – Primary database ress – Physical standby database Error: ORA-16766: Redo Apply is stopped Hmm…my standby is not applying redo. When I attempted …

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Dec 30


This is my 100th post to this blog!!! I am trying to duplicate a problem where I have threads 4, 5, and 6 in my primary and my standby has threads 1 and 2. When I did a switchover, everything was fine, but I could not switch back because the old primary, now the standby, …

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Dec 19

Standby Network Tuning

I’ve been working on tuning our network configuration between our primary and standby databases. This entry shows the steps I took. The first thing to check is our bandwidth. I talked with our Network Admin and we have a DS-3 link between our primary data center at our corporate headquarters and our DR site 30 …

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Dec 13

SQL Developer 4.0 Released

The latest/greatest version of Oracle’s free SQL Developer has now been released. Previously, version 4.0 was in Early Adopter release, which I think is just a fancy way of saying “beta”. If you want to see new features or tips and tricks, then go to That Jeff Smith’s blog. He is the product manager for …

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Dec 10

Flushing Single Cursor

Earlier today, I was answering a question where someone proposed as a possible solution the idea of flushing the Shared Pool to solve a problem with one SQL statement. I find this to be bad advice. As I stated in my reply, why kill all end user’s performance to solve one guy’s problem? My answer …

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