August 2014 archive

Aug 22

GIMR now mandatory for GI12.1.0.2

I found this nice blog entry today:    

Aug 19

Sticky Upgrade Problem

When performing database upgrades, adequate testing is important to understand the impacts, both positive and negative, the database upgrade has on the application. I have been preparing to upgrade databases from the version to One weekend, myself and another DBA spent some time upgrading about half of our production databases to the new …

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Aug 14

Result Cache

I was playing around with the Result Cache the other day…I know…this isn’t a new feature and has been available for awhile. Unfortunately, it can take a while to get to things I guess. In my simple test, I had a query that exhibited this behaviour: select    max(det.invoice_date) from    invoices i join    …

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Aug 13

Big Data, Cloud Computing, and In Memory databases

Found this on Twitter today. Big Data has now entered the Trough of Disillusionment. Just ahead of it are In Memory databases. Cloud Computing is starting to come out of the trough on its way to the Slope of Enlightenment.

Aug 08

GI Upgrade

The patchset has been out for a bit now. I am just now finding time to be able to take my first look at it. I’m interested, like many others, in looking at the In Memory database option. But I need to upgrade my Grid Infrastructure before I can upgrade my database. The upgrade went …

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Aug 06


Got a pleasant surprise when trying to download Grid Infrastructure the other day. GI is now two download files, 3 of 8 and 4 of 8 instead of just one as was seen in previous versions. Then I went back and looked at GI was also two files. Not sure why it didn’t …

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Aug 04

DB Popularity

I ran across this web page that ranked databases by popularity: This is completely unscientific and doesn’t take market share into account. But I thought the results were interesting none-the-less.  

Aug 01

Oracle In-Memory Cost

Just read an interesting post by James Morle on the “true cost” of Oracle’s new In-Memory database option. It’s a good read.