December 2014 archive

Dec 31

2014 Blog Stats

As the end of the year is right upon us, I thought it was time to look at this year’s stats for my blog. I’m averaging over 30,000 hits per month and about 3,000 unique visitors each month. I’m pleased with the attention my poor little blog is receiving. 🙂   Here are the stats: …

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Dec 29

What’s a Major Version Anyway?

We all know that Oracle 12c was released quite awhile ago. Oracle was the next major version in the Oracle database life cycle. But what’s in a major version anyway?   It used to be that a major version was a big deal. ACME Corporation released their wonderful Widget 4.0 which did many things, …

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Dec 28

GI Upgrade missing OS patches

I was trying to upgrade Grid Infrastructure on Sun Solaris 10 from to and got a nice suprise. When I ran the script on the first node, I got the following errors:   2014-12-28 17:08:45: Successfully removed file: /var/tmp/maaVdayif 2014-12-28 17:08:45: /bin/su exited with rc=1 2014-12-28 17:08:45: cluvfy patch check failed, output …

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