April 2015 archive

Apr 23

Oracle RAC on my Laptop with Virtual Box

This really isn’t a new topic. I’m not first one to publish something like this. But I had a need to get these instructions posted on my blog. So here is how I created a two-node Oracle RAC testbed on my laptop. An earlier blog post shows why I think testbeds are important. When I …

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Apr 09

SQL Server Missing Log File

We recently had one of our SQL Server instances experience a very large volume of change. Not suprisingly, the transaction log grew really big and was very close to filling up the disk. I had our SysAdmins add more space to the transaction log disk. The process that generated the large volume of transactions is …

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Apr 06

EM12c Now Allows DB12c for Repos

It is now possible to use Oracle 12c as a repository database for Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control. Oracle 12c is almost 2 years old and the first patch set is almost 1 year old. So its about time in my opinion. If you are planning on using DB12c for your EM12c repository, then make …

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