Apr 23

Oracle RAC on my Laptop with Virtual Box

This really isn’t a new topic. I’m not first one to publish something like this. But I had a need to get these instructions posted on my blog. So here is how I created a two-node Oracle RAC testbed on my laptop. An earlier blog post shows why I think testbeds are important. When I wrote Oracle RAC Performance Tuning, I used such a testbed for much of the material I put in the book. At one point, I had a 3-node RAC cluster on my laptop by adding another VM and adding it to the cluster.

My instructions show how I got Oracle RAC on my MacBook Pro with Virtual Box. If you use another VM hypervisor, then you can most likely get instructions with a simple Google search.

The instructions were too big for a blog entry, so I put it in a Word document (9.63MB).