May 2015 archive

May 28

SCP Client on Windows

Most of my Oracle databases run on Linux. And prior to that, one form of Unix or another. I’ve grown quite accustomed to using scp to quickly transfer a file between systems. While my databases may live in a *nix world, my workstation is normally a Windows OS. Natively, Windows has ftp, but not scp …

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May 21

SQL Monitoring in SQL Developer

In my last article for SearchOracle (referenced in my last post to this blog) I showed an example of how I quickly got to the root cause of a poor performing query using SQL Monitoring in Enterprise Manager. Today, That Jeff Smith of SQL Developer fame showed me a blog entry he wrote last October …

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May 19

Proper Tools Make Tuning Fast Work

I am starting to write articles for publishing on I have been loosely affiliated with them since 2001, mostly in their Ask The Experts section. My first article is on the benefits that tools can play in making your tuning life much easier. This article is posted here: I’m excited to publish more articles. …

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May 15


I’m working on getting my companies databases upgraded to Oracle before our databases lose free Extended Support in Jan 2016. One of the “gotchas” for us is that the SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON parameter is deprecated in 12c. It’s still there, but who knows for how long. Before I arrived at this company, they upgraded to Oracle …

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May 07

SQL Developer 4.1 Released

SQL Developer 4.1 was released on Monday. Here is the link to download the latest/greatest version.   ThatJeffSmith has a nice recap of the new features on his blog. I like the new formatting options and the Multi-Cursor Support is awesome! The Instance Viewer is cool, but I typically have a session on in EM12c which …

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