August 2015 archive

Aug 31

Oracle 12c Upgrade Issues

I’m in the middle of testing for my company’s Oracle 12c production upgrades coming in September. Thankfully, I have a lot of good testbeds to fine-tune the upgrade process before proceeding to production. So far, things have been pretty smooth, even much better than my to upgrades a year ago. I thought I’d outline …

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Aug 27

How to Backup RAC VM’s

Many of us now have Oracle RAC installed in virtual environments on our laptops and workstations. This blog post shows how I did just that on my MacBook Pro. Recently, I was re-installing a new RAC testbed on my laptop when I ran into a few issues that took me awhile to sort out. After …

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Aug 26

Can’t Compile GI and Segmentation Fault

So I’ve been having a tough time of it lately on things I should know better. We’ve all been there before. I’m trying to recreate a 2-node RAC testbed on my laptop. This will be Oracle on Oracle Linux 6.5 with VirtualBox 5.0. Should be pretty simple, right? I even wrote instructions on how …

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Aug 18

Video: Oracle 12c IDENTITY Column Performance on RAC

I’m trying to branch out a bit and craft a few videos. This one is my first attempt and I discuss the new 12c IDENTITY column performance, specifically for Oracle RAC databases. Link to video on YouTube: Note: I don’t focus my energies on the planning side much. So these videos are not rehearsed. …

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Aug 13

ORA-27038 on RAC Upgrade

I am upgrading a 2-node Oracle RAC testbed from Oracle to Oracle This is a simple testbed and the database is virtually empty. I’m using the DBUA to perform the upgrade. Should be simple, right? After the database is upgraded, the DBUA is trying to move the RAC configuration to the new home. …

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