December 2015 archive

Dec 28

SQL Developer 4.1.3 Released

The newest version of SQL Developer was released while I was out of the office last week. The download is in the usual place.   While you’re there, grab the SQLcl download as well. It was last updated 2 weeks ago.  

Dec 22

A Trip Through the GIMR

Oracle Grid Infrastructure includes the Cluster Health Monitor (CHM) which regularly captures OS-related performance information. In early versions, CHM use a Berkeley DB for its data store. In Grid Infrastructure, it is now required to use an Oracle database for the data store. This Oracle database is called the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR). …

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Dec 11

LongOpsWatcher in SQL Dev

I saw a video of someone who used the new command line utility, sqlcl to create a bar graph showing the progress of long operations in Oracle, as seen from V$SESSION_LONGOPS. That video inspired me to do something similar in SQL Developer. Below is a video of LongOpsWatcher in action. You can see the time …

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Dec 08

Fast Split Partitioning

I have a partitioned table for some application logging. A few years ago, I partitioned the table with one partition per month. As we near 2016, its time for me to add partitions for the new year. The partitioned table has, as its last two partitions, the partition for December 2015 and a partition using …

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Dec 02

SQLT in 12c Can’t Gather Stats

After upgrading to 12c, I did have some issues where processing in our database was running into the following errors: ORA-20000: Unable to gather statistics concurrently: insufficient privileges The fix was pretty easy. I found information on Tim’s Oracle Base website on the workaround here:¬† Today I tried to run SQLT’s sqlxtract script to help …

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