September 2016 archive

Sep 29

SQL Server Clustering from an Oracle RAC Perspective

Its no secret that I know Oracle’s database clustering solution pretty well. Recently, I completed a SQL Server clustering, high availability solution that took two years from initial design to final implementation. That process involved documenting requirements, determining the options, mapping requirements to implementation details, budgeting, procurement, installation, configuration, and testing. Now that my project …

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Sep 27

Agent Decomission in EM13c

I recently lost a clustered Oracle RAC system and had to blow away GRID_HOME and RDMBS_HOME. This meant my cluster-aware install of the Enterprise Manager 13c agents was lost as well. So I simply removed AGENT_HOME. I then removed the OraInventory and proceeded to start from scratch. Once I had Grid Infrastructure up and running …

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Sep 09

Archiver Hung due to COMPATIBLE ORA-16484

This morning I woke up to a few alerts from EM about my archiver being hung, similar to the following: Target type=Database Instance Target name=orcl4 Categories=Fault Message=The archiver hung at time/line number: Fri Sep 09 06:07:22 2016/376. Severity=Critical I used the DG Broker to stop and then restart log transport. edit database orcl set state=transport-off; …

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Sep 01

N+1 Redundancy and Server Consolidation

In a previous blog post, I talked about designing your RAC implementations with N+1 redundancy. This ensures the loss of a node does not overwhelm the remaining nodes should one node fail. Today, I’m going to discuss the impact of server consolidation, specifically CPU cores, and its potential N+1 impacts. One of the main systems …

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