Mar 01

Christmas Comes Early (Oracle 12.2)

Christmas must be coming early! We were previously informed that Oracle 12.2 would be released on March 15, 2017, but you can get it today for Linux and Solaris platforms. Simply go to and download the new version today. No longer is 12.2 “cloud only”.


Sadly, My Oracle Support is not up-to-date with the certification information. When I went to MOS, it has a problem with the 12.2 version. When I try to type “12.2” into the Release box, it tells me “No results for 12.2”.


The one saving grace is that the 12.2 Installation Guide has this information for Linux. Oracle 12.2 is certified for the following Linux platforms:

OL6.4 and OL7

RHEL6.4 and RHEL7


I do not run Oracle on Solaris and no other platforms are currently ready for download.