May 02

SQL Developer Icons

I will occasionally see a question in the OTN/MOSC forums asking what a specific icon means in SQL Developer. There is no documentation on the subject so we often have to figure it out on our own. My personal preference is that when we mouse over the icon, a tooltip will popup telling us what the icon means. Until we get that feature, or something similar, I decided to start documenting them here in my blog. Here they are:


Icon Meaning
  Green ladybug shows object Compiled For Debug
   Red circle with white ‘X’ means object is invalid
   Advanced Queuing table
   White line through middle of table showing a Partitioned Table
   Indexed Organized Table
   Global Temporary Table
   External table
Greyed out SYS IOT overflow table


If anyone has any icons I missed, private message me on Twitter (@BPeaslandDBA) or get in touch with me some other way, and I will update this blog post.


    • Günter on May 3, 2017 at 02:56

    Grayed out table – IOT e.g. SYS_IOT_OVER_99999999

    1. Added to the list. Thanks so much!

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