Category: Databases

Jul 13

Fog Computing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that everything is about the Cloud now. At least that’s the hype vendors and the media want us to believe. Earlier this week, I was clued into a new term. Just as people are working towards Cloud Computing comes the newer Fog Computing. So what is …

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Jul 27

The Data Guardian

This morning, I was reading this article about employees lack of understanding how critical it is to protect business data. The article got me to think about a few different points. As a DBA, I’ve always tried to be my company’s Data Guardian. To me, the data inside the databases I manage is a valuable …

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Jan 23


Oracle 12c deprecates the SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON parameter. It is still there for backwards compatibility. But Oracle would like to see everyone use case sensitive logons in the future. The one thing that did surprise me was when I recently upgraded a test db from to using the DBUA. At the end of the DBUA, …

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Jan 22

SQL Server Outage

Just like many Oracle DBA’s, I have to support other database platforms as well, which in my case does include SQL Server. My shop has regularly scheduled maintenance windows every Wednesday evening. Last night, our SysAdmins were replacing some disk in our production SQL Server box. The disk wasn’t one that SQL Server uses so …

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Dec 29

What’s a Major Version Anyway?

We all know that Oracle 12c was released quite awhile ago. Oracle was the next major version in the Oracle database life cycle. But what’s in a major version anyway?   It used to be that a major version was a big deal. ACME Corporation released their wonderful Widget 4.0 which did many things, …

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Aug 04

DB Popularity

I ran across this web page that ranked databases by popularity: This is completely unscientific and doesn’t take market share into account. But I thought the results were interesting none-the-less.  

Jul 15

Oracle Big Data SQL

Oracle announced a new product called Big Data SQL that will be available in the Fall. I think this product will be interesting. The one downside I see is that it appears to only run on an Oracle appliance which means you are forced to use their hardware as well. For more information, see the …

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Aug 14

Reconstruct Standby DB

After a recent power outage at our DR site, I discovered that a standby there had stopped applying logs. Apparently in the archived redo logs was a transaction which grew a datafile but the disk at the standby site did not have enough disk space to allow that transaction to complete. So the standby terminated …

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Dec 13

Brand New Production Database

Every once in a while, no matter which company I work for, I am asked to set up a new production database. I was working on this very task today when I started thinking about how much work it was to create a brand new database in that past, how much the DBCA handles for …

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Dec 12

Wait Event: asynch descriptor resize

In my recently upgraded production database, I am seeing a number of SQL statements that are now experiencing high waits on the “asynch descriptor resize” event. I recently upgraded from to and SQL statements that never waited on this event are now getting caught. Oracle 11.2 slightly changed the way the database and …

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