Category: Standby

Jun 29

ORA-01264: Unable to create logfile file name

I am in the process of replacing production hardware for an Oracle RAC database. To do this with zero downtime, I am adding the new nodes and then extending the RAC database to run on both old and new nodes. Then I will remove the old nodes once they no longer have any database connections. …

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Sep 09

Archiver Hung due to COMPATIBLE ORA-16484

This morning I woke up to a few alerts from EM about my archiver being hung, similar to the following: Target type=Database Instance Target name=orcl4 Categories=Fault Message=The archiver hung at time/line number: Fri Sep 09 06:07:22 2016/376. Severity=Critical I used the DG Broker to stop and then restart log transport. edit database orcl set state=transport-off; …

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Apr 12

Oracle RAC N+1 Redundancy

I find that when people are designing Oracle RAC architecture, they often do not think of N+1 redundancy in their implementation plans. There are two reasons to implement Oracle RAC, availability and scalability. For the purposes of this discussion, I am focusing only on the availability side. If your RAC deployments are for scalability reasons …

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Jan 12

Bad Standby

On Friday, I discovered that my standby database had not applied transactions for 8 days. This is very bad for me because I only keep 7 days worth of archived redo logs. So I had no redo to apply. I used the steps in Note 836986.1 to roll forward my standby with an RMAN incremental …

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Sep 19

Error 1033 received logging on to the standby

Upgraded production to a few nights ago. The primary is 3-node RAC and the standby is 2-node RAC. Notice that one of the threads was not transmitting redo to the standby. Saw this repeatedly in the alert log:   Error 1033 received logging on to the standby   Turns out this was a problem …

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Jun 16

Safety Nets

Safety nets exist for a reason. To protect you from when a catastrophic event happens. To stop that event from becoming your worst nightmare.  A person who washes windows on a skyscraper has one catastrophic event to worry about…falling to the ground. So that person wears a harness attached to a rope. If the platform …

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Feb 05

TEMPFILE Offline Physical Standby

I received an alert from Enterprise Manager Cloud Control that a tempfile was offline in my physical standby database. Message=The temporary file /u01/app/oracle/oradata/ncpp/temp/temp01.dbf is OFFLINE. We recently did a restore of the standby, i.e. recreated it from a backup. Surprisingly only 7 of the 8 tempfiles were available. One tempfile was missing. I found this …

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Dec 31


When working on a standby database recently, I went to DG Broker to check the status and received this: DGMGRL> show configuration   Configuration – resp_ress_config   Protection Mode: MaxPerformance Databases: resp – Primary database ress – Physical standby database Error: ORA-16766: Redo Apply is stopped Hmm…my standby is not applying redo. When I attempted …

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Dec 30


This is my 100th post to this blog!!! I am trying to duplicate a problem where I have threads 4, 5, and 6 in my primary and my standby has threads 1 and 2. When I did a switchover, everything was fine, but I could not switch back because the old primary, now the standby, …

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Dec 03

ORA-01264 in Physical Standby

I am in the process of replacing hardware for an existing 3-node RAC cluster. This system is also a primary to a 2-node RAC standby database. To replace the hardware, my plan is to temporarily extend the cluster into a 6-node configuration, 3 old servers and 3 new servers. Once I have the instances running …

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