January 2013 archive

Jan 31

EM 12c Adjusting Threshold Values

On a test system, I’ve been getting frequent alerts from Enteprise Manager 12c Cloud Control that my host is running low on swap space. Since this is a test system, and since I know my swap space is just fine, I decided to increase the Warning threshold from 80 to 87%. In doing so, I …

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Jan 24


I’m sure that someone reading this will ask, “how did you not know that?”. But sometimes the simplest things come to us late in the game while others knew it early on. I’ve been patching Oracle on Windows since the Windows NT days. ¬†Everyone who patches Oracle on Windows knows that OPatch will often balk …

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Jan 22

Trailing Zero

I had a developer ask me an interesting question recently. He was working on a problem where numeric values were stored in a table but when he queried that table in PL/SQL Developer, it would show trailing zeroes after the last digit. He wondered if this was contributing to the problem he was trying to …

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Jan 10

Changing SYS password in RAC

I recently came across this blog post about changing the SYS password in RAC databases: http://marioalcaide.wordpress.com/2011/05/24/changing-sys-password-in-rac-databases/ The author of this blog post makes the claim that the “SYS password is instance specific in RAC databases”. This claim is incorrect. I posted a comment to prove this falseness of this statement and offered the real culprit …

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