December 2012 archive

Dec 19

Extend EM Grid Control to New Nodes

If you’ve followed some of my recent posts, you know that I have been working on extending my existing RAC database cluster to new hardware. I now have my instances running on the new nodes. My applications are now connecting to the new instances. It’s now time to work on some of the behind-the-scenes items. …

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Dec 18

Manually Add New RAC Instance

To start this post, I will say that if at all possible, you should use the DBCA to add a new instance to your RAC database. The DBCA will take care of all of the details for you. It’s a simple 6-page wizard and your new instance is up and running on your new node. …

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Dec 03

ORA-01264 in Physical Standby

I am in the process of replacing hardware for an existing 3-node RAC cluster. This system is also a primary to a 2-node RAC standby database. To replace the hardware, my plan is to temporarily extend the cluster into a 6-node configuration, 3 old servers and 3 new servers. Once I have the instances running …

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