July 2012 archive

Jul 23

User-defined Routine with DBMS_STATS

I’ve been having a problem with a 3rd party application. Whenever I run DBMS_STATS on the application schema my database will peg the CPU and will run for days without completion until I cancel it. The part that took me forever to figure out is the SQL statement that is consuming all of the CPU …

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Jul 12

July Reading

Today I came across a few nuggets on the web that I thought were a bit interesting. Jonathan Lewis talks about proactive tuning on his blog. Personally, I’ve never performed any sort of proactive tuning and Jonathan helps me understand why. Splitters and Lumpers. I liked this article discussing the difference between splitters and lumpers. …

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Jul 11

MOS Flash Dies

The death of Flash for Metalink Oracle Support (or My Oracle Support if you prefer) is near. Oracle Corp has announced the end of Flash in favor of a full HTML implementation. I’ve been using the HTML interface for a while now and it works well for me. In the My Oracle Support Communities, I’ve …

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Jul 09

My 11g Optimizer Stats Job Quit On Me – Fixed

It turns out, the root cause of the problem in my previous post was at bad Thursday evening window in the scheduler. I had to use DBMS_SCHEDULER.CLOSE_WINDOW(‘THURSDAY_WINDOW’) to close that window. I then ran the optimizer stats job manually and that fixed the issue.