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Feb 06

Large .patch_storage

I received an alert from Enterprise Manager that one of my production databases was getting low on disk space. I tracked it down to $GRID_HOME/.patch_storage which was consuming 30GB of my 90GB drive. Yikes! The first thing I did was to run the opatch cleanup routine as I documented here back in 2013: Unfortunately, it …

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Nov 08

Where are my Patches?

I thought I had posted something like this on my blog previously but I couldn’t find it when I was looking for someone earlier today. So here is the information anew. If my old blog post is not more than just a figment of my imagination, it probably needs updating anyway. 🙂 How do I …

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Oct 25

RU or RUR?

Oracle 12.2 has changed the patches. It used to be so easy back in the day. Just download the Cumulative Patch Update (CPU) and apply the latest/greatest security patches. Then Oracle decided security patches were not enough so they gave us the Patch Set Update (PSU) which contained the regression fixes on top of plugging …

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Oct 09

Filtering Alert Logs in EM13c

I’ve been receiving ORA-1555 (snapshot too old) alerts from my databases via Enterprise Manager 13c. For production environments, these are good alerts to receive and can be an indicator that I have an issue to resolve. For my development databases, ORA-1555 errors are not a concern of mine. It is common for developers to write …

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Jul 20

The Performance Tuning Maze

One day, you wake up and find that you are an Oracle database administrator. The gods have finally seen the light to your true potential and allowed you to work in the best job in the world! You begin your DBA career so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. You’re creating new databases, granting privileges, writing PL/SQL code. …

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Jul 14

Yet Another Reason To Upgrade

As I usually do, I fire up lots of questions on the MOSC and OTN forums and pick and choose which ones I want to answer. This morning, I came across a post from a user who was asking questions about Oracle 9i. As expected, this user got the anticipated responses from the forum faithful …

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Jun 29

ORA-16789: standby redo logs configured incorrectly

The DG Broker is reporting some warnings for one of my databases in the Broker configuration.   DGMGRL> show database orcl Database – orcl Role: PRIMARY Intended State: TRANSPORT-ON Instance(s): orcl1 orcl2 orcl3 orcl4 orcl5 orcl6 orcl7 Database Warning(s): ORA-16789: standby redo logs configured incorrectly ORA-16789: standby redo logs configured incorrectly ORA-16789: standby redo logs …

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Jun 29

ORA-01264: Unable to create logfile file name

I am in the process of replacing production hardware for an Oracle RAC database. To do this with zero downtime, I am adding the new nodes and then extending the RAC database to run on both old and new nodes. Then I will remove the old nodes once they no longer have any database connections. …

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May 18

Increase VOTE diskgroup in ASM for GI 12.2 Upgrade

Oracle 12.2 requires more disk space in your Voting Disk/OCR area than previous versions. In the past, I had a pretty small diskgroup for Vote and OCR. Here are the instructions I followed to setup Oracle RAC on my laptop for 12.1. Before I can upgrade to Grid Infrastruture, I need to add more …

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May 15

Surviving an Oracle Audit

I recently had the experience of being audited by Oracle Corporation. Nothing quite prepares you for what to expect until you have actually gone through the process. The best advice I can give anyone is to start working today as if you are undergoing an audit. If you are not thinking about being in compliance …

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