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May 18

Increase VOTE diskgroup in ASM for GI 12.2 Upgrade

Oracle 12.2 requires more disk space in your Voting Disk/OCR area than previous versions. In the past, I had a pretty small diskgroup for Vote and OCR. Here are the instructions I followed to setup Oracle RAC on my laptop for 12.1. Before I can upgrade to Grid Infrastruture, I need to add more …

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May 15

Surviving an Oracle Audit

I recently had the experience of being audited by Oracle Corporation. Nothing quite prepares you for what to expect until you have actually gone through the process. The best advice I can give anyone is to start working today as if you are undergoing an audit. If you are not thinking about being in compliance …

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May 02

SQL Developer Icons

I will occasionally see a question in the OTN/MOSC forums asking what a specific icon means in SQL Developer. There is no documentation on the subject so we often have to figure it out on our own. My personal preference is that when we mouse over the icon, a tooltip will popup telling us what …

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Apr 17

SQL Dev 4.2 Top SQL

One of the things that I’ve always liked about SQL Developer is how it saves me time. Sure, I get this fancy looking GUI tool that enables me to enter SQL commands to the database. But I’ve had that capability from the very beginning with SQL*Plus and Server Manager (if you’ve been around long enough …

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Apr 10

Slow Migration To Cloud

Raise your hand if you’ve heard something like this before from a cloud vendor: By insert_year, we expect that insert_very_high_percentage of IT needs will be run in the cloud. We surely have Mark Hurd making the claim at OpenWorld 2015 that by 2025, 80% of all production apps will be in the cloud. Or Oracle …

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Mar 16

Book Review Oracle Database Upgrade and Migration Methods: Including Oracle 12c Release 2

I had the good fortune to review a new Apress book. Oracle Database Upgrade and Migration Methods: Including Oracle 12c Release 2 I was grateful to be asked to be the Technical Reviewer for this book. I like to think I made some contribution to the content there-in.  🙂  But to be honest, all the …

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Mar 07

GI 12.2 Changes

Oracle was recently released for on-premises deployments and with it comes the new Grid Infrastructure version. There are a few changes worthy of note in this new version. The OUI is now launched with not as we are more familiar with. The GI Management Repository (GIMR) database can now be off-cluster if …

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Mar 01

Christmas Comes Early (Oracle 12.2)

Christmas must be coming early! We were previously informed that Oracle 12.2 would be released on March 15, 2017, but you can get it today for Linux and Solaris platforms. Simply go to and download the new version today. No longer is 12.2 “cloud only”.   Sadly, My Oracle Support is not up-to-date with …

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Feb 23

Oracle RAC on Third-Party Clouds

Yesterday, I came across this white paper from Oracle Corp about Oracle RAC Support on Third-Party Clouds. The paper is definitely a must-read for those who want to run Oracle RAC on AWS, Google or Azure cloud providers. The first paragraph was promising where it stated: Oracle also maintains an open policy for Third-Party Cloud …

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Jan 27

Free ES for and 12.2 Release Date

The free Extended Support period for Oracle 11.2.04 has been extended for the second time. Oracle will now offer Extended Support for free to its customers with a current maintenance agreement up until Dec 31, 2018. This is almost a full two years away. Those running on Oracle can breath a sigh of relieft …

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