Mar 16

Book Review Oracle Database Upgrade and Migration Methods: Including Oracle 12c Release 2

I had the good fortune to review a new Apress book.

Oracle Database Upgrade and Migration Methods: Including Oracle 12c Release 2

I was grateful to be asked to be the Technical Reviewer for this book. I like to think I made some contribution to the content there-in.  🙂  But to be honest, all the hard work was done by the book’s authors, Ravikumar, Krishnakumar and Basha. Compared to writing the books contents, technical reviewing is easy work.

I’ve worked with Oracle databases for over 20 years now. I’ve participated in a large number of discussion forums over the year. More currently, I can be found lurking around on the MOSC and OTN forums under the handle BPeaslandDBA. No matter where I’ve travelled, virtually, all of these spaces have seen more than their fair share of questions related to how to do what I will call “simple” upgrades. Those questions are often found answered in the Oracle Upgrade Guide for that version. I constantly see questions on how to upgrade when a standby is involved, even though that is documented as well. Then I see the harder questions like how to migrate from running Oracle on Solaris to Linux. Or how to upgrade when Multitenant is involved. This book has all the answers in one location. Each migration or upgrade is shown, step-by-step.

If you’re starting your Oracle DBA career, this book can help cover all the upgrade and migration scenarios. If you’re a seasoned DBA but haven’t tackled some of these issues, this book will help you understand your options and then lead you through the process.



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