Jul 14

Yet Another Reason To Upgrade

As I usually do, I fire up lots of questions on the MOSC and OTN forums and pick and choose which ones I want to answer. This morning, I came across a post from a user who was asking questions about Oracle 9i. As expected, this user got the anticipated responses from the forum faithful about how old/ancient their Oracle version is and they should upgrade to a much more recent version.

Like others, I have written articles about reasons why you should upgrade. Here is one such article I wrote for SearchOracle.com:  Top Reasons To Do An Oracle Upgrade

The article above is not ground breaking and you can certainly find alternative examples from other authors as well. But in reading this forum post, it struck me that there is yet another reason to upgrade your Oracle database that I have yet to see anyone write about. That reason is:

I cannot remember the details about your very old version any more!!!

This morning’s forum discussion was referencing 9i. I haven’t used Oracle 9i since I upgraded everything to 10.2. Oracle 10.2 was released in July 2005. I do not have accurate documentation going back that far but I’m pretty confident I was running 10.2 across the board by July 2006, more than 10 years ago!

Technology changes and the pace of change is fast. I cannot be expected to remember all the intimate details of Oracle 9i (any of its versions), a version I have not used in 10 years or more. Now if you are asking me a question that is still relevant in today’s supported versions, then I can certainly provide an answer. But if the details of your answer are not applicable to today’s 11.2 or 12c versions, then I’m sorry but I cannot adequately answer your question.

In addition, I am not going to find the 9i documentation to cite in any response to your question. If I go to http://docs.oracle.com to look up something I may need to help answer your question, it gives me versions 11.2 and higher. I can choose Earler Versions, but my feeling is if you are too lazy to upgrade your database, then I’m going to be too lazy to go through that extra step of finding your version’s documentation. Another step I am unwilling to take is to download and install the old version and create a database so that I can attempt to reproduce your problem. If I cannot reproduce your issue in one of my current versions, then the answer is obvious…upgrade to resolve your issue.

The bottom line is to upgrade to a more recent version so that you can enjoy obtaining help on whichever forums you post your questions to.I’m not the only one that answers questions on MOSC/OTN but I’m also not the only one that feels this way.

Stay current with your versions so that you can interact with your peers no matter how you discuss Oracle.